Hail Partners™ Program with Dents Unlimited

If you are an auto body repair shop in a city hit by hail, you are probably experiencing mixed emotions; business is certainly going to pick up, but is it the kind of business you want to mess with?

You know about Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), and insurance companies are pushing it, but you probably have heard some horror stories about it, too. Other PDR companies or individuals are probably already knocking on your door wanting to work in your shop. We invite you to please read on about our company before making any hail repair decisions!

Hail Partners at Dents Unlimited TMDents Unlimited customers demand the very best! Since 1990, Dents Unlimited has worked in a subcontractor capacity for body shops like yours in our HAIL PARTNERS™ program to maximize your profits and ease your work load during the frenzy that follows a hail storm. We decided a long time ago that instead of zipping into a city like yours hit by hail, and renting our own shop and competing with the best shops in town, it would be far more beneficial to work with the best body shop in the area as partners.

In our HAIL PARTNERS™ program, we "set up shop" in a corner of your facility and provide your customers paintless dent repair for their hail damaged vehicles. We will also attract NEW customers to your shop who have been told by their insurance companies to look specifically for DENTS UNLIMITED and the quality paintless dent repair service we provide.

You make money on every job we do, and we get the built-in credibility of your body shops reputation in your community. It truly is a win-win situation.

So why use Dents Unlimited™ for Paintless Dent Repair?

  • Experience: Since 1990 our company has successfully repaired over twenty-five thousand damaged vehicles. We've worked with body shops like yours in ten states and billed out millions of dollars of Paintless Dent Repair work.
  • Reputation: Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri since 1990 we have established local, regional, and national relationships built on trust with insurance industry leaders such as American Family, Cameron Mutual, Shelter, Farmers, Farm Bureau, Safeco, Geico, and more. They know that if they recommend DENTS UNLIMITED, their insured will be satisfied with the repairs.
  • Recognition: Based on our reputation and history in the insurance industry customers in your area will be looking for the body shop working with DENTS UNLIMITED.
  • Profit: The bottom line is that we will make you more easy money than any other dent company. Perfect PDR repairs done quickly and efficiently means more money for our partner body shops.
  • Flexibility: We’ll pay you rent, a set price per vehicle, a percentage of each repair, or a combination. We’ll help you estimate vehicles and talk to customers, or we’ll sit in the corner and quietly reapair out car after car, with one technician or ten. It’s your call.
  • Hustle: We distribute color brochures directing customers to your shop to every insurance adjuster in the area. We contact them on the phone and check in regularly in person. Everyone who needs to know we’re in town will know we’re in town and working with you. We work nights and weekends if you let us.

How do we start?

Please call our references, read our testimonials, and call us with any questions or with a date and a time to start. We can be there in a matter of hours. We look forward to seeing you.

Contact us today. You'll be glad you did.

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