Our References

The following is a partial list of customers and friends whom we work with and for every day.  Our relationships with them are built on trust and quality workmanship.  Feel free to contact them and ask about their experiences with us.

J.R. Penniman, Regional Quality Control Analyst - American Family

Date: 8-13-2001

Steve Cox, owner of Dents Unlimited is a very professional and talented person in the profession of paintless dent removal. He’s been doing paintless dent removal since 1990. I’m confident that Steve’s personnel who work for him are professionals as well and will take care of business as we want it taken care of.

J.R. Penniman

Dennis Gray Owner - Gray Bahl Collision Repair - Madison, WI

Date: January 18, 2001
Re: Letter of recommendation for Dent’s Unlimited.

Gray Bahl (and Madison, WI) had never experienced a hail storm of such magnitude, but on May 18, 2000 more than 17000 vehicles were damaged in the Madison area, creating a need for paintless dent repair.

I was given a recommendation to contact Steve Cox owner of Dent’s Unlimited located in Springfield Missouri. I contacted Steve and arranged for his company to work at Gray Bahl repairing hail damaged vehicles. Steve Cox and all of the technicians at Dent’s Unlimited arrived at Gray Bahl Collision Repair around May 24, 2000 and stayed on a continuous basis until January 12, 2001.

Steve and his staff have been extremely competent and articulate in problem solving and answering questions. The experience of the technicians is obvious and they all showed talent at their profession. Steve and his staff were always very professional and showed a high caliber image. I have been very impressed with their desire to do whatever was needed. Steve and his staff have met both physically and mentally any challenge they were given. Dent’s Unlimited have been a real asset to Gray Bahl Collision and we will miss the opportunity of working with them.

Sincerely yours,
Dennis Gray Owner/Manager
Gray Bahl Collision Repair - Madison, WI

Ryan Haworth - Legendary Autoworks & Frame - Springfield MO

Date: January 15, 2002

Dear Steve,

This is just a short note to say thank you for the service your company provides our collision repair shop. As you know, competition is fierce in our industry, and when we sub-out work like paintless dent repair, the quality of your work is a direct reflection on our business.

We’re amazed when we see sub-par paintless dent repair on some of our customers’ cars (especially hail damage repair); it’s obvious that there must be a lot of sub-par PDR companies out there. (Unfortunately, we’ve tried some of them!)

Without fail, your technicians have left great impressions on our customers in both the professional way they deal with them and the quality workmanship on their vehicles. Also, your repair estimates always leave us enough room for a profitable and fair mark up.

In short, thanks for the great work, and we look forward to continuing to do business with you.


Ryan Haworth 
Manager, Legendary Autoworks & Frame
Springfield, Missouri

Homer Hicks JR - Hicks Body and Frame Shop - West Plains, MO

Date: July 12, 2001

To Whom It May Concern: On April 3, 2001, our area experienced a hail storm. As you know, the day after, we were flooded with all kinds of Paintless Hail dent removers from all over the United States. Mr. Cox from Dents Unlimited placed a phone call to us. I asked him to fax information on his company to us. With one phone call to his references I had all we needed to know.

Steve Cox and his crew from Dents Unlimited were in our shop the next day and set up ready to go to work. They were very professional with all my customers and employees of the shop. If my customer wished they would demonstrate how the art of Paintless Dent Repair was performed making my customer more comfortable with the repairs to their vehicle.

Their work was always prodused professionally. they were always up front with us and the customers as to whether their vehicle could be PDR or not. We also liked the idea of them working directly with the body shops, so that all jobs could be completely done in a professional manner.

We would highly recommend Steve and his crew from Dents Unlimited. Please feel free to call us.

Yours in the Body Shop world,

Homer Hicks Jr, Owner
Hicks Body and Frame Shop
West Plains, Missouri

Judy Huntsman, Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realtors

Date: 7-30-1997

Dear Steve,

I felt it was important to write you a note and thank you for what a great job you did... Truly I believe you went above and beyond the call of duty, to have worked so diligently in order to produce such wonderful results.

When I took the car back to the body shop they were as impressed as I was and stated that there would have been no way that they could have effected this same type of repair, at anywhere near the reasonable cost you offered me.

You may feel free to use me as a reference at any time, and I have already passed your name along to two potential clients who have existing damage to their cars.

Judy Huntsman
Coldwell Bankers Realty
Springfield, Missouri

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